Arson appeal Liberia

During the early hours of August, Sunday 15th, 2021, at the time of Fajr Salaat an arson attack took place on the property of the Liberia Markaz Masjid Bilal. The target was the living quarters of the Markaz Madressah students. This building housed 80 young boys who were fortunate to be in the Masjid at the time of the arson. Al Hamdulillah, no-one was hurt but the Madressah students’s beds, mattresses and belongings were all destroyed by the fire. So far, the police have not found the culprits who threw a fire bomb into the grounds.

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Help Caravan of Mercy in providing the Madressah students with replacements for their lost clothes and bedding. We hope to raise at least £150 per child. We can accept your Sadaqah, Lillah and Zakaat. Give now and help these poor boys Memorise Al Quraan and become a means of guidance for Liberia.