Children’s Books for Africa

Many Muslim families and schools are too poor to be able to afford Islamic literature to help them learn about their Deen.

Caravan of Mercy want your help in distributing a number of children’s story books about the history of Islam. We want to send these educational books to Africa to benefit school children there. We need you to donate just £1.50 per book.

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This is your chance to help Muslims in Gambia, Ghana and Liberia to learn about their Islamic heritage.

These paperback books are titled: Prophet Dawud (AS), Prophet Sulayman (AS), Prophet Isa (AS), Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Prophet Musa (AS), Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Yusuf (AS). They are all fully illustrated with 60 or more pages each. Donate just £1.50 for one book and the children get a brand new book worth £4.99. A complete set of eight books is worth £39.92 but we are able to get them for you for just £12.