Gambia orphan sponsorship

Each orphan boarding in a Caravan of Mercy Madressah in the Gambia will do their Hifz. They each require £360 a year or £30 a month to cover their living and education needs.
If the donor sponsors an orphan for a year then he/she will receive a report at the end of the year.
If the donor wishes to pay monthly they will have to set up a standing order with their bank and inform us once a standing order has been set up.

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We are unable to cover your online card payment (Credit or Debit card) processing fees. This must be paid by you the donor and can be viewed at the checkout page. The checkout page also gives you the option of making a bank transfer (which does not incur any charges). Please note: card processing companies charge for payments not the charity.

Please see below for additional project information.

Madressa Zeenatul Islam is located in Kuntaur, Gambia. Maths, English, Arabic and Science are taught here. This educational institution presently caters for 500 day students as well as 60 boarding. The school now needs funding to employ more teachers and to construct more classrooms for more students. The primary children attend school in the morning while the secondary pupils come in the afternoon. With more facilities, we could have all the children attending school at the same time so help is needed.