Liberia Masjid Ebrahim

On the 3rd May 2018, a young man passed away as a result of sudden heart failure leaving behind his wife and children. The father of the deceased was devastated at losing his only son and with the support of friends and family he raised approximately £20,000 to build a mosque in Liberia, Monrovia, Freetown.
Caravan of Mercy was entrusted with the task of building Masjid Ebrahim, named after the beloved son of Sayed Kola.

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Liberia is one of the smallest countries in West Africa, it was devastated by a civil war which left the country in ruins. The construction of Masjid Ebrahim was started in October 2019 and is ongoing. The mosque will be both a place of worship as well as a place of education especially for children.
Your contribution towards this project, will allow Liberian children to be educated and provide a lasting legacy. With your help, we are hoping to raise £30,000.