Medical appeal: Ghana

During our humanitarian aid distribution in Ghana (Ramadan 1440/2019), our U.K. volunteers met 2 youngsters with 2 very different tragic tales to tell.
They were introduced to Abdur Rashid and were shocked by his injuries and even more so by his story. The young man suffers from epilepsy and once during an uncontrollable fit, he fell into a fire, burning his face, hands and arms. Due to his epilepsy he was unable to defend himself from the flames so the result is that his burns are severe.
We are appealing for financial aid to help Abdur Rashid. He needs £15 per week for long term treatment in Ghana.
See below for Abdul Aziz the second needy youngster.

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At the age of 3 Abdul Aziz developed an eye infection which the doctors cured but they also predicted that the infection would spread to other parts of his body. As you can see from the pictures, the infection has severely inflated his stomach.
He is now 15 years old and an orphan since his father passed away some years ago. Two of his siblings have also died and he is now left with two younger brothers and their mother, who works selling rice for a few pennies to provide for them and also juggle with the daily needs and issues of Abdul Aziz.
Our aim إنشاء الله is to have Ibrahim, who is the coordinator of Caravan of Mercy in Ghana, to get him to the city of Accra where he will be taken to doctors to operate to alleviate his condition إنشاء الله.
He has lived with this condition for over a decade and we would not wish that on anyone. اللَّه make it easy for him آمين.
All this will incur costs from travel to medical expenses. So on this note, we humbly request and appeal on behalf of Abdul Aziz and Abdur Rashid, that firstly you remember them in your Dua’s and also to spread the word of asking for contributions towards the expenses.
We need to raise £3,000 to £5,000 for their complete treatment.
Any excess funds will be used for other similar medical emergencies.

UPDATE August 20th 2019:
Abdul Aziz is still in need of surgery on his stomach. The 13th August operation has been delayed due to difficulties with the hospital administration. Our Ghana team have requested a full breakdown of all surgical actions and costs before releasing any funds to the hospital. Molana Ebrahim (UK) is in consultation with doctors here in the UK. So far the Ghana hospital have suggested an amount of $8,500 which Caravan of Mercy is not accepting due to the present situation and information.

UPDATE August 8th 2019:
It has been confirmed by the doctors that Abdul Aziz will undergo a surgical operation on Tuesday 13th August 2019 Insha Allah.

UPDATE July 26th 2019:
With the Cardio CT scan results, the doctors have requested further Lab tests which today blood, urine and fluid from the stomach was taken.

UPDATE July 25th 2019:
Abdul Aziz has been given a scan at a private hospital, referral from Korlebu teaching hospital because they don’t have such scanner.

UPDATE July 21st 2019:
Abdul Aziz. He has arrived in Accra and is presently undergoing tests and treatment in the hospital. His stomach size has increased due to the infection since the last temporary treatment. Inshallah he will be operated on as soon as doctors complete the preliminaries.

UPDATE July 16th 2019:
Abdul Rashid : He is responding to treatment for his burns and speedily recovering, Alhamdulillah. His skin condition is improving with constant changing of dressings.
Abdul Aziz : Treatment is still ongoing even though the process is a bit slow as far as Africa is concerned unlike the UK. He just had an urgent test known as ECG yesterday morning with a referral letter to Korlebu Teaching Hospital in Accra the capital city of Ghana. He will be coming to Accra for the main operation as soon as the hospital appointment is given which I believe will not take that long Insha Allah, hopefully by next week he will be in the hospital in Accra, Insha Allah.

UPDATE June 20th 2019:
Abdur Rashid is having his dressings changed every 2 days thanks to your donations. The injuries from his burns are improving Alhamdulillah, thanks to the treatment. His visits to medical professionals will continue.
Alhamdulillah, thanks to your donations, Abdul Aziz (the boy with the inflated stomach in Ghana) has now received long awaited medical attention. He was taken to a hospital in Tamale where he was admitted. There they carried out some tests and we are still awaiting the results. In the meantime they have succeeded in releasing 60% of the fluids from his stomach. Due to this relief, the size of his stomach has been reduced drastically. Abdul Aziz is back home awaiting the results of the tests so that he can return to the hospital to receive further treatment.

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