Water purification plant: Ghana

Over 3 million people in Ghana drink dirty water.
Women and children are forced to drink contaminated water which causes diarrheal disease which is the third most commonly reported illness throughout the country.
Caravan of Mercy has launched its largest water project to date, we aim to install a purification plant in Northern Ghana so thousands of people can finally have access to clean water.
Alhamdulillah much funds have been collected but we still have not reached our target which will allow us to commence this project.
The Prophet SAW was asked “Which is the best form of charity?” He replied “Providing drinking water”. [Ibn Majah]

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Many people in Ghana, especially, those living in the rural areas have no choice but to take their water from contaminated sources such as ponds and unprotected wells, which are often polluted, causing diseases to the people who drink it. The water contains parasites and a high microbial content, as well as dangerous minerals. Many people, mostly children, suffer from many diseases caused by this water, and some of them may even be deadly.
Caravan of Mercy aims to play an active part in trying to provide safe clean water to an impoverished community in Northern Ghana where 1 out of 3 people have no access to safe drinking water. We are also looking to install a purification plant to serve thousands of people daily.

Providing water is a very good way of offering a Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) as the donor can expect to reap Allah’s blessings for as long as the well supplies water.

Support the water project with your donations. The video below sees the Caravan of Mercy chairman, Molana Ebrahim, visiting Ghana in 2015 where he saw 1st hand the problems there.

For more information on our purification project, please: <CLICK HERE>.