Water wells, hand pumps, purification plants, bore holes.

Supporting orphans and children of poor families.

Building of mosques and schools etc.

Help for sudden calamities due to natural disasters and conflicts.

Distribution of Arabic/ English Qurans to the poor.

Facilitating learning for children of poor families.

Food distribution to the needy.

Eye tests, eye glasses and eye operations for the poor.

Meat given to the poor for Aqeeqah, Walimah and rewards.

Sponsoring poor students.

Helping financially, poor students to learn about Islam.

Providing aid to those facing the harshness of winter.

Providing medicine and professional aid to the sick.

Financial aid to COMs largest school project in Ghana.

SSPs for the poor to become financially independent through self employed endeavours.

Animal sacrifice made during Ramadan.

Aid for countries and displaced nations.