Liberia business start-up aid

For Caravan of Mercy, charity is not just about giving a quick fix. Far too many people in the world are born into a life of poverty and dependency; through our Self Sustaining Projects we envisage to make those receiving charity to become those that are in a position to one day be giving charity.
Each start-up costs £20 and may be a means of earning continuous rewards forever.

We are unable to cover your online card payment (Credit or Debit card) processing fees. This must be paid by you the donor and can be viewed at the checkout page. The checkout page also gives you the option of making a bank transfer (which does not incur any charges). Please note: card processing companies charge for payments not the charity.

Please see below for additional project information.

Caravan of Mercy perform a number of humanitarian services in Liberia. One of those is to provide tools and merchandise for poor women to use in order to set up a viable business. With your help, we can help families to become independent of aid.