During September 2021, a children’s Madressah in the Gambia, was damaged due to heavy storms. Because of this, the roof needs to be replaced.
Alhamdulillah we have financed the construction of Masjids and educational institutions as well as renovating existing structures. There are many more projects which need to be funded.

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Please see below for additional project information.

The ASIGA (Aisha Siddiqqah Islamic Girls Academy) in Ghana is a school in Ghana that caters for orphans and poor students. It is the first school of its kind in Ghana. Land was purchased in 2011 and the ground floor of the academy was completed in 2013.
The academy currently caters for 287 orphans and poor students who receive Islamic and secular education, 96 of which are sponsored by donors.
We are still looking for donations to complete construction work of the 1st floor which will increase the number of classrooms and provide boarding facilities for approximately 500 orphans and poor students.

Once the entire construction of the academy is completed hopefully by October 2018, ASIGA will provide a secure environment where orphans will be allowed to realise their full potential.

Caravan of Mercy needs your support to help complete this project.