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Bangladesh aid update:

Sirajganj is a town in the North-Bengal region of Bangladesh. With the help of the local university; Jamiatul Uloom Al-Islamia, Caravan of Mercy are regular donors to the poor and needy in this area. Through your generous donations, we have distributed 650 blankets and installed 40 hand pumps since Ramadhan 1434 (2013).

Although Bangladesh is known for it’s problems with flooding , ie. no one can say they don’t get enough water, much of their water supply is harmful for human consumption. This means that many miles have to be walked in order to find clean water. Caravan of Mercy encourage donors to donate wells in such places for £150. Each well will support an entire community. Due to the cold temperatures during some parts of the year, we also supply blankets to families.
Due to the present political crisis in Bangladesh, we have only received 25 photos which will be used to create certificates for the donors here in the UK. The remaining certificates are  due to be created soon Inshallah.
Photo of blanket distribution from the previous year
Blanket distribution
Video of water projects in Bangladesh and other countries.
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