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Tour de Gambia

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The second Tour de Gambia bike challenge will take place in January 2020.
Fly out to Gambia from either Gatwick or Birmingham.
Date: 25th Gatwick
26th Birmingham.
Return 3rd or 4th Feb.
240 km bike ride starting from port town of Banjul through rural Gambia, camping in villages and towns for 4 nights before we reach our destination kuntaur.

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Gambia banger car rally

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Leicester to Banjul (Gambia ) banger car rally. Approx 4000 miles drive through 6 countries.
Start point, Leicester COM office. Cross over to France, Spain, Morroco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal into The Gambia.
Depart: Leicester : Thursday 19th December 8.00pm.
Arrive: The Gambia Approx 30th December 2019.
Return: by flight whenever participants wish to return.

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Al Madina Islamic Academy

Caravan of Mercy has used your generous donations to build a school in the West African country; the Gambia. The school is called Al Madina Islamic Academy and is located in a town by the name of Serekundanding. Funds for this project came from the Tour de Gambia fund-raiser which took place earlier this year (January 2019).
At present, the students are using makeshift facilities for a school until the 1st stage is completed. We have purchased 100 square metres of land and building has already begun.
The 1st stage of this project will create 10 classes/ rooms. After Ramadhan, we expect to total 300 pupils at the school. The school teaches a number of Islamic as well as secular subjects.
With added funds, we plan to build a girls boarding orphanage as part of the Al Madina Islamic Academy.

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Tour de Gambia: Report

Your favourite charity found 24 amazing Brits of all ages and sizes from around the UK to take part in an equally amazing cycle challenge through the Gambia. The purpose was to raise money for our many projects there through sponsorship. Alhamdullilah, (praise be to God) altogether, they managed to raise £49,000 which was used to benefit the people of Gambia and West Africa. Each cyclist was given the target to raise £1,000 but most of them doubled this amount. Added to this they all paid for all their flights and personal costs themselves. All the raised funds were spent in West Africa.

The group of 24 adventurers took a flight to Banjul, the capital of the Gambia and from there they crossed the Gambian river via the ferry to arrive in Barra where the 134 miles cycle tour commenced. They rode to Madina Manneh where they visited a Caravan of Mercy school and its students. After visiting other beautiful villages and towns they reached Kuntaur, the location of another COM school called, Zeenatul Islam. Your kind donations helped and continues to help the poor and needy through such projects as clothing distribution, student bike distribution, mosque construction, school construction and a school herb garden project.

Some of the money raised by the cyclists went towards purchasing food in the Gambia. The cyclists ‘Food packs’ consisted of rice, sugar and oil and were arranged and distributed by the cyclists. 500 needy families in Kuntaur and surrounding villages benefitted from the food handouts.

Food distribution

The group of cyclists consisted a number of medical professionals (3 doctors and 2 pharmacists) who were kind enough to  set up 5 medical surgeries giving free doctors advice and free medication to locals along their cycle route. One generous donor from Leicester UK, donated approximately £4,000 of medication for the surgeries. Over 1,000 patients benefitted.

Free Medical Camp
Al Madina Islamic Academy construction in Serekundanding, The Gambia

Mohammed L. raised £1,383

Umar raised £1,431

Aslam K. raised £2,280

Muhammed P. raised £455

Sarfraz raised £930

Riaz and Feisal raised £2,325

Instagram story
Instagram story 2

Because; “After every hardship there’s ease.”
Moseem explains how they crossed paths with the Gambian premier.
Herb garden project at the girls school in Madina Manneh. Part 1
Herb garden project at the girls school in Madina Manneh. Part 2
Food distribution for the poor. Part 1
Food distribution for the poor. Part 2
Mobile doctor’s surgery.
Caring and educating the orphans
Final stop.
Moseem and Big Baz at the end of the journey.
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Ghana Water Purification project

In 2018, over 3 million people in Ghana have no choice but to collect dirty water from unsafe sources.

Women and children are forced to drink dirty and unsafe water, and due to drinking contaminated water, diarrheal disease is the third most commonly reported illness at health centres across the country.

Caravan of Mercy has launched its largest water project to date, we aim to install a purification plant in Northern Ghana so thousands of people can finally have access to clean safe water.

The need for purification plants in Northern Ghana is great. In March 2015 Caravan of Mercy visited Northern Ghana and got to witness the reality of this great crisis.

It is now 2018 and even though much funds have been collected, we still have not reached our target allowing us to commence this project.

Show your support and donate towards this appeal.

Water treatment plant.




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Madressa Zenatul Islam: The Gambia

Madressa Zenatul Islam, Wharf Town, Kuntaur, Central River Division, The Gambia. Built and funded by Caravan of Mercy. It presently caters for 500 day students as well as 60 boarding. The school needs funding to employ more teachers and to construct more classrooms. Presently we have the younger children (primary) attend school in the morning while the older children (secondary) come in the afternoon. With more facilities, we could have all the children attending school at the same time so please help.
Our other Gambia schools are also located in North Bank region and West Coast. We are looking to open additional schools in Lower River division, Upper River division and West coast division.

Madrassah Ashraful Madaris Hifz is a another COM project located on the site of Madressa Zenatul Islam, Wharf Town, the Gambia.
Kids learn Quran and do Hifdhul Quran (memorise the whole Quran normally within a few years). Two teachers from India have recently been contracted by COM to work here along-side three local teachers. 60 boarding students (boys) are presently doing Hifdhul Quran, of which all are poor and needy while half are orphans.
COM offer student sponsor schemes for those who want to share the rewards for making a child become a Hafidh.

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Order a charity container

To obtain a free box, please use one of the two options below:
You can visit our office at:
57 Smith Dorrien Road, (opposite Masjid Ali)
Please phone the office to ensure it is open before you visit:
0116 2763344

Or we can post the box to you.
Please enter your name, address and phone number in the comment box below.

These charity boxes can be used for Lillah or Sadaqah donations. Please ensure you inform us as to which intention the money is for (Lillah or Sadaqah) and do not mix the money. If you wish to give both Lillah and Sadaqah, please request 2 separate boxes.
Please note that all issued containers will remain the property of Caravan of Mercy and hence by accepting a container, you agree to be its caretaker only and that you will not deface or otherwise damage the property of Caravan of Mercy.