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Floods India


Qurbani/ Udhiya

The Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him was asked “What is Qurbani?”, He answered, “It is the Sunnah of your father (prophet) Ibrahim (AS), for every hair of the Qurbani you will receive a reward from Allah and for every hair in the wool you will receive a reward” (Ibn Maja & Tirmidhi)

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Qurbani is a highly blessed and virtuous act, with the number of sins forgiven equal to the number of hair on the body of the sacrificed animal.
We are providing meat to a number of countries.

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Liberia media gallery

Mosque construction update. Markazi Masjid Bilal, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Ramadan food distribution in Liberia West Africa in the capital, Monrovia in the Carwell area.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Friday, 15 May 2020
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India, West Bengal media gallery

Caravan of Mercy distributed your Sadaqul Fitr & donations to the poor and needy in West Bengal, India. Your kindness was greatly received especially during the Covid lockdown and cyclone disaster.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Thursday, 28 May 2020
Our Covid19 Ramadhan appeal distribution has already started.

Animals have been sacrificed and meat has been distrubuted in rural parts of India (West Bengal). Thanks to recent donations, poor and needy families have been fortunate, Alhamdulillah, to eat during the Coronavirus lockdown. Keep donating to benefit yourself in the Aakhirah by feeding others in Liberia, the Gambia, Bangladesh, India and Cameroon.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Tuesday, 21 April 2020
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Ghana media gallery

Ramadan/ Covid-19 food appeal for the poor and needy in Chereponi in Ghana (West Africa). All thanks to your donations during the lockdown.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Ghana water distribution and money for food hand-outs for poor and needy women.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Monday, 8 June 2020
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Gambia media gallery

Solar ☀ panels installed last week in one of our schools in the Gambia thanks to your donations.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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Central African Republic refugees

Central African Republic refugees stranded in Cameroon given food during Ramadan and sweets given the children for Eid.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Thursday, 28 May 2020
CAR refugees in Cameroon

Central African Republic refugees have been benefitting from you kind donations during these days of Ramadaan. Special food packs were made using your donations and given to the impoverished.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Wednesday, 20 May 2020
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Radio Pledge Day

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starts midday on Sunday 10th May 2020. click on the play button below and wait

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.”
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The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Save yourself from hellfire by giving even half a date-fruit in charity.”
<style=”text-align: center;”=”” align=”justify”>[Sahih Bukhari]</style=”text-align:>

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Masjid e Ebrahim mosque, Liberia

Hadith: Uthman ibn Affan reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” [Bukhari, Muslim]

Caravan of Mercy recognise the immense virtue that Allah has placed on constructing mosques. For this reason, we have been encouraging the public to help us, help poor communities around the world who are themselves in need of a place to worship. After establishing good connections in Liberia, West Africa, we decided to initiate mosque projects there. Our first such construction being Masjid Ebrahim.

Caravan of Mercy were asked by a community in West Africa to help them rebuild their burnt down mosque in a poor suburb of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. The chairman (of Caravan of Mercy), Molana Ebrahim visited the country and inspected the site. On behalf of Caravan of Mercy UK and its supporters, Molana pledged to initially raise enough funds to complete the first phase.

On the 3rd of May 2018 in Birmingham UK, a young family man by the name of Ebrahim,  passed away as a result of a sudden heart failure leaving behind his wife and two daughters.
Ebrahim, who was born with a heart condition, was an inspirational character known for both his charitable attitude and positive manner. His grieving father, established a charity (The Ebrahim Kola Foundation Trust) and thereafter an event to climb on Mount Snowdon in Wales, UK, in August 2018. This fundraising event was organised with Caravan of Mercy and was supported by many family and friends. The foundation was initially set-up to benefit Ebrahim in the next life and for his name to be remembered.

Liberia is one of the smallest countries in West Africa, it has been devastated by a civil war that left the country in ruins. The war ended in 2003, but most of Liberia sadly remains underdeveloped. Ebrahim’s father said that his son would be most enthusiastic about building a centre of learning that would benefit generations to come.

It was hoped that the funding would provide a lasting legacy in his son’s memory and a means to reward for all those that have been involved in making this project happen. The aim was to raise £42,00 to build the Masjid and additional classroom facilities.

Construction for Masjid Ebrahim began 2 years after the fire in September 2019. The mosque is located in Freetown, lower Virginia (a western suburb of Monrovia), Liberia. A charity dinner was further organised in December 2019 in order to cover the final costs of the project. This charity dinner event was so successful that classrooms, toilets, bath and ablution areas have now been added to the mosque project.

In the end, over £50,000 was raised and spent on this venture which will, God willing, continue to benefit Marhoom Ebrahim Kola, his family, friends as well as others who have contributed towards it in some way, for many many years to come.