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Al Madina Islamic Academy

Caravan of Mercy has used your generous donations to build a school in the West African country; the Gambia. The school is called Al Madina Islamic Academy and is located in a town by the name of Serekundanding. Funds for this project came from the Tour de Gambia fund-raiser which took place earlier this year (January 2019).
At present, the students are using makeshift facilities for a school until the 1st stage is completed. We have purchased 100 square metres of land and building has already begun.
The 1st stage of this project will create 10 classes/ rooms. After Ramadhan, we expect to total 300 pupils at the school. The school teaches a number of Islamic as well as secular subjects.
With added funds, we plan to build a girls boarding orphanage as part of the Al Madina Islamic Academy.

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Madressa Zenatul Islam: The Gambia

Madressa Zenatul Islam, Wharf Town, Kuntaur, Central River Division, The Gambia. Built and funded by Caravan of Mercy. It presently caters for 500 day students as well as 60 boarding. The school needs funding to employ more teachers and to construct more classrooms. Presently we have the younger children (primary) attend school in the morning while the older children (secondary) come in the afternoon. With more facilities, we could have all the children attending school at the same time so please help.
Our other Gambia schools are also located in North Bank region and West Coast. We are looking to open additional schools in Lower River division, Upper River division and West coast division.

Madrassah Ashraful Madaris Hifz is a another COM project located on the site of Madressa Zenatul Islam, Wharf Town, the Gambia.
Kids learn Quran and do Hifdhul Quran (memorise the whole Quran normally within a few years). Two teachers from India have recently been contracted by COM to work here along-side three local teachers. 60 boarding students (boys) are presently doing Hifdhul Quran, of which all are poor and needy while half are orphans.
COM offer student sponsor schemes for those who want to share the rewards for making a child become a Hafidh.

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Eidul Adha 1438/ 2017

Caravan of Mercy donors benefited many poor Muslim families throughout Ghana, India, Cameroon, Bangladesh and Syria this year.

Central African Republic victims in Borgop refugee camp in Cameroon on Eid day 10 Dhul Haj 1438 Hijra. (1st Sep 2017).
2800 families received fresh Udhiya/ Qurabani meat Alhamdu lillah.

250 families were served with fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.
3 Cows and 7 Goats

5 goats, 1 cow
About 92 people received fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.

30,000 people received fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.

The following photos are from Cameroon. Eid day 10 Dhul Haj 1438 Hijra. (1st Sep 2017)

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Do you have unwanted Islamic clothing?

Do you have unwanted Islamic clothing?

Make a change this 2015 and donate your Islamic clothing to the Gambian & Liberian students.

 What you can donate:

Men and Ladies Jubbas & Burkas
Boys & Girls Jubbas etc..

 Where you can donate:

Caravan of Mercy
Unit 1 Imperial Building,
Rolleston St, Leicester United Kingdom , LE5 3ST
Please note: ONLY clothing can be donated towards this appeal.




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Serrekundading, Gambia; washed out

Al Hamdulillah, Caravan of Mercy has a number of humanitarian and charitable projects in different parts of the Gambia. Such projects include child and adult education, food, clothing and Quran distribution and building projects.

Serrekundading is a village located east of Brikama next to Kembujae. Caravan of Mercy has been supporting the Serrekundading public through it’s Madressah since it was established six years ago. Sadly this Madressah has since collapsed.

The Madressah once housed 200 students from Serrekundading and surrounding villages and was the only one of it’s kind in the area.
The Madressah was made up of two classrooms, one office and a store-room, all financed and constructed by the locals with mud bricks. The roofing and doors were provided by Caravan of Mercy. The ages of the children taught there ranged from 7 to 15 years. They were tutored by 4 teachers who taught them Quran and Islamic subjects as well as English language, mathematics, science and social and environmental studies.

During the annual rain season in 2013, the region experienced such torrential rain falls that utterly destroyed the Madressah.

The locals are now desperate to have a new stronger building erected to fulfill their basic religious needs. A building that can withstand both the heat and heavy down-pours of rain.

The proposed Madressah building is estimated to cost £15,000.

Caravan of Mercy are therefore seeking donations in order to help the Gambians in Serrekundading.

Click on the video below to play video:



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Text donations

It is now even easier to donate to your favourite cause. We have set up a mobile phone texting method of giving donations using JustTextGiving by Vodafone.
All you do is save this special texting phone number (70070) into your phones contacts list or just type it into the text messaging (SMS) option on your mobile phone. Then type the 6 figure message code along with the donation amount and ‘send’ this message to 70070. Your donation will appear on your next phone bill and Caravan of Mercy will be paid on your behalf.
We have a different 6 figure message code for each appeal. All text donations are Lillah only. If you wish to use Zakaat or Sadaqah etc. you should use other payment methods (ie. online, phone or in person)

Text donations for the Qur’an project can be made by texting the message QRAN01 £3 to the number 70070 if you want to donate £3 using your mobile phone (lillah only). Change the amount from £3 according to your desire.
For the Syria blanket appeal, text BLAN22 £10 to 70070 (Lillah only)
For the Syria food hamper appeal, text HAMP22 £30 to 70070 (Lillah only)
For the Dawah Pack appeal, text COME11 £5 to 70070 (Lillah only)
For the Syria appeal, text COME00 £20 to 70070 (Lillah only)
To donate to any needy cause, text CRVN01 £20 to 70070 (Lillah only)
For any project according to the need decided by CoM, text LILL44 £5 to 70070 (Lillah only)

The amount of £’s you wish to donate is up to you. The above figures are just an example.
Text to donate to Caravan of Mercy and make a difference today.

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Dawah West Africa

There is much ignorance of Islam yet a thirst for the truth in West Africa. We have gathered some very good articles and reprinted them especially for this appeal. Caravan of Mercy UK has created a Dawah pack, consisting of booklets, folded leaflets and an English translation of the Quran. These packs will be distributed by the Islamic Information Centre (Ghana) an arm of Caravan of Mercy Ghana.
Each pack will cost approximately £5 and we are appealing to the public to donate lillah to this cause.

It is reported that the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him Said:
“By Allah, if Allah were to guide one man through you it would be better for you than the best type of camels.”
(Bukhari, Muslim)

• To donate towards the Dawah packs by mobile phone, text COME11 £5 to 70070 (you can donate more if you wish)
Donate via our Just Giving page here
• Donate online using your credit/ debit card.
• Phone 0116 276 3344 or phone 07752 247 994 to make a credit or debit card payment.
• Visit or send a cheque to our office (see below)


Booklet titles:
Islam a brief guide
The big questions
The Sahabah: the unique Quranic generation
What was the sign of Jonah
Knowledge of the unseen
Siyam (fasting)
Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (pbuh)
Shahada: Confession of a Muslim
Ash-Shirk and Al-Kufr
Signs of the last day
What the bible says about Muhammad (pbuh)
The Quran and modern science
Some prominent westerner
The sword of Islam
What the bible says about Muhammad
Miracles of the Quran
Selected Duas
Salaah, the Muslim prayer
The concept of God in major religions
Islam at a glance
Answers to non-Muslims’ common questions about islam
Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam
Muhammad, A to Z
The life of the prophet (pbuh)
A Muslim portrayal of Jesus
What does Islam say about marriage
Position of women in Islam
The tradition of Gabriel

Leaflet titles:
The Mercy of Allah
Who was Muhammad
Facts about Usury
The Islamic view on the prohibition of alcohol
The Qurans scientific accuracy (Revert scientists)
Adultery and fornication
Muslim at the time of death
The halal slaughter controversy
Al Quran at a glance
Malcolm X
You must know this man
Life after death
Hijab, reflections by Muslim women
The last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Who was Jesus
Why don’t you pray?

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Gambia Hifz Class

Caravan Of Mercy has established a Hafiz Sponsorship in Kuntaur, Gambia to help orphans and destitute children. The sponsored children will be provided with food, clothing and medicine. We will even update you on how your child is progressing, so help a child today to become a Hafiz.

Each donation per child is £25 a month.

Please contact us to make a donation or use the donate page to a donation for £300 (1 years payment).

Hifz class of Gambian orphans 2013
Kuntaur makhtab