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Ghana Qurbani distribution 2020


Caravan of Mercy has been operating in Ghana

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Please see below for additional project information.
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Ghana media gallery

Ramadan/ Covid-19 food appeal for the poor and needy in Chereponi in Ghana (West Africa). All thanks to your donations during the lockdown.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Ghana water distribution and money for food hand-outs for poor and needy women.

Posted by Caravan of Mercy on Monday, 8 June 2020
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Ghana Water Purification project

In 2018, over 3 million people in Ghana have no choice but to collect dirty water from unsafe sources.

Women and children are forced to drink dirty and unsafe water, and due to drinking contaminated water, diarrheal disease is the third most commonly reported illness at health centres across the country.

Caravan of Mercy has launched its largest water project to date, we aim to install a purification plant in Northern Ghana so thousands of people can finally have access to clean safe water.

The need for purification plants in Northern Ghana is great. In March 2015 Caravan of Mercy visited Northern Ghana and got to witness the reality of this great crisis.

It is now 2018 and even though much funds have been collected, we still have not reached our target allowing us to commence this project.

Show your support and donate towards this appeal.

Water treatment plant.




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Eidul Adha 1438/ 2017

Caravan of Mercy donors benefited many poor Muslim families throughout Ghana, India, Cameroon, Bangladesh and Syria this year.

Central African Republic victims in Borgop refugee camp in Cameroon on Eid day 10 Dhul Haj 1438 Hijra. (1st Sep 2017).
2800 families received fresh Udhiya/ Qurabani meat Alhamdu lillah.

250 families were served with fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.
3 Cows and 7 Goats

5 goats, 1 cow
About 92 people received fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.

30,000 people received fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.

The following photos are from Cameroon. Eid day 10 Dhul Haj 1438 Hijra. (1st Sep 2017)

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SSP North Ghana 2017

The Self Sustaining or Self Supporting Projects (SSP) are an important part of what Caravan of Mercy is all about. We have for many years been using your generous donations to improve the lives of families in India and Bangladesh. We have now started our humanitarian efforts in West Africa as well.

Caravan of Mercy used your donations in Northern Ghana in order to help poor widows and other single women who do not have a bred winner to support them and their families. They were given approximately £150 each as gifts, on your your behalf, so that she could start their own businesses according to the fields they were most confident in.

This lady used her money to start her dry foods selling business.

This lady purchased a fridge to store food for her business of selling drinks.

Some women where given sewing machines and cloth to earn money as a seamstress.

These women were given grain to sell.

This lady invested her money in buckets in order to sell them to the public.

This lady purchased second hand clothing to sell.

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Aisha Siddiqqah Islamic Girls Academy construction

Aisha Siddiqqah Islamic Girls Academy (ASIGA)
School construction in Ghana, Africa. Ramadhan 1438/ 2017
The school has a number of students and teachers. Classes take place on the ground floor. Construction is taking place on the 1st floor so that more children can benefit.
By donating to this construction project you will receive continuous reward (Sadaqah Jariyah).
For more information (CLICK HERE)

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Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip: Imagine how many more people there are like this?


This is a sister (37 years old) who out of desperation tracked us to our guest house. She has 7 children. One of her daughters has disabilities. She pleaded with us to help her. The day brother Ibrahim came to this town to do the survey she was in hospital with her daughter. Imagine how many more people there are like this? Allah help them.