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Order a charity container

To obtain a free box, please use one of the two options below:
You can visit our office at:
57 Smith Dorrien Road, (opposite Masjid Ali)
Please phone the office to ensure it is open before you visit:
0116 2763344

Or we can post the box to you.
Please enter your name, address and phone number in the comment box below.

These charity boxes can be used for Lillah or Sadaqah donations. Please ensure you inform us as to which intention the money is for (Lillah or Sadaqah) and do not mix the money. If you wish to give both Lillah and Sadaqah, please request 2 separate boxes.
Please note that all issued containers will remain the property of Caravan of Mercy and hence by accepting a container, you agree to be its caretaker only and that you will not deface or otherwise damage the property of Caravan of Mercy.

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Eidul Adha 1438/ 2017

Caravan of Mercy donors benefited many poor Muslim families throughout Ghana, India, Cameroon, Bangladesh and Syria this year.

Central African Republic victims in Borgop refugee camp in Cameroon on Eid day 10 Dhul Haj 1438 Hijra. (1st Sep 2017).
2800 families received fresh Udhiya/ Qurabani meat Alhamdu lillah.

250 families were served with fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.
3 Cows and 7 Goats

5 goats, 1 cow
About 92 people received fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.

30,000 people received fresh Udhiya meat Alhamdu lillah.

The following photos are from Cameroon. Eid day 10 Dhul Haj 1438 Hijra. (1st Sep 2017)

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Ramadan in the Gambia 1438

Caravan of Mercy, an NGO based in the United Kingdom in collaboration with local founder in The Gambia, Pa Modou Sillah, Saturday distribution food items to needy Gambians for the holy month of Ramadan.
The food items, which included bags of rice, gallon of oils and bags of sugar, were distributed to various widows and needy Gambians.
The presentation coordinated and supervised by the local founder in The Gambia,Pa Modou Sillah, was held at the NGO’s office in Brikama, West Coast Region.
Speaking at the presentation, the local founder of Caravan of Mercy, Pa Modou Sillah, explained that the NGO was brought into the country by him when he was returning home from UK after teaching there for two years.
According to Mr Sillah, the NGO targets those who could not afford to provide three meals a day, adding that they deemed it fitting to support them in one way or the other to address their difficulties.
Mr Sillah also revealed that Caravan of Mercy also built three schools around the country and three Madrassas in SereKundanding, Kuntaur and Madina Manneh in Numi, North Bank Region.

He said the distribution of food items was part of the NGO’s annual package during the holy month of Ramadan to support the needy Gambians.
He also disclosed that two weeks ago, the NGO distributed food items to about four hundred families.
The Caravan of Mercy are providing support to  three hundred and fifty families, and on each of this occasion, they give each beneficiary 25kg of rice, 4kilos of sugar,and two litre of oils.
According to Mr Sillah, the NGO started operating in The Gambia since February 2006 and has been embarking on this kind of activities annually.
He said the objective was to alleviate poverty, through education and support for widows and orphans..
The NGO have a Boarding School in Kuntaur that teach sixty orphans, who are memorising the Holy Quran free of charge, he said, adding that the NGO is supporting another thirty students who are from needy families by paying their fees.
He said in addition to the school fees, they also give each child pocket money of one hundred dalasi per month.
Mr Sillah thanked The Gambia government, through the Ministry of Education for providing the duties wavers to them when the container arrived at the seaport.
For their part, the beneficiaries expressed appreciation over the donated food items while assuring the donors that the items would be properly utilise and would reach to the rightful needy in The Gambia.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh

This article was taken from ‘The Point” Gambian newspaper website June 2017:

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Maktab Sponsorship

Ramadhan – The Month of the Quran

Before Ramadhan came to be known as the month of Fasting, the companions of the Prophet knew Ramadhan as a month of the Quran, the last and everlasting divine guidance to humanity. With just over a month left till Ramadhan, Caravan of Mercy is encouraging all its donors to help us sponsor Makaatib in Bangladesh and India, so we can impart the teachings of the Quran to future generations.

The most important contribution we can make as individuals is to help children access the basic teachings of Islam, and giving them the education and knowledge to become righteous individuals. Imparting knowledge in its true form to future generations is the duty of every Muslim, rich or poor.

With your support and donations Caravan of Mercy has setup and supports 67 Maktaatib in Bangladesh and India. We are looking to increase this to 100 makaatib and we need your help to achieve this!


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said ‘The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.’ [Sahih al-Bukhari]

By donating £180 (£15 a month) you will be providing free Islamic education to an entire maktab which serves an entire village.

How to donate?
Option 1: Visit

Option 2: Make a bank transfer

Option 3: Call 0116 2763344

Option 4: Visiting our office in Leicester

Caravan of Mercy encourages you to be a part of this noble effort and sponsor a maktab today.