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Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip: Aid Distribution (Day 5)

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip“]Our chairman Molana Ebrahim Patel, our projects coordinator Molana Sameer Ismail and a volunteer are in Ghana. They will be overseeing all our projects in the country. They will also be carrying out a distribution of aid in northern Ghana.

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Aid Distribution (Day 5) – 09 March 2015


Today was going to be a very long day. We had to distribute aid to the widows and poor women of Salaga.
We started the day by visiting the paramount chief as we need to meet them before working in their area. We then went to meet all the widows and also the poor needy and interviewed a few of them.
The ladies sat in the scorching heat for hours with the hope that they will receive some aid. It reminded me a lot of how it will be on the day of judgement where people will anxiously wait for their turn. The items we were going to distribute were delayed from Tamaleh and will be arriving after Asar. While we were with the widows Molana Ebrahim also went and checked the water dams in the area.

After Zuhar we finished off the final allocations for Salaga. After Asar we went to the distribution point so that we could begin the distribution. The distribution went on till appropriately 8:00 pm. Alhamdolillah the turn out was very good. We then came back to the guest house where we did some paperwork before taking rest.

We have another long day tomorrow as we intend to do more distribution in Salaga and also Gushegu.

Sameer Ismail

Projects Coordinator