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Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip: A Day I Wouldn’t Forget (Day 8)

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip“]Our chairman Molana Ebrahim Patel, our projects coordinator Molana Sameer Ismail and a volunteer are in Ghana. They will be overseeing all our projects in the country. They will also be carrying out a distribution of aid in northern Ghana.

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A Day I Wouldn’t Forget (Day 8) – 12 March 2015


Assalamu Alaykum

Today was going to be a special day, a day I wouldn’t forget, as I will be visiting the Aisha Sidiqqah Islamic girls school (Asiga). Since arriving in Ghana I have been anxiously waiting to see where the students study that com sponsors.

Asiga is a purpose built school that accommodates orphans and also poor and needy students. Asiga opened in October 2013. The school is about 5 min drive from Masjid Abrar. When we arrived at Asiga brother Faiz the headmaster and brother Ibrahim took us for a tour of the school. One thing that is visible from the outset is the Islamic values that have been implemented in the school. Both the students and the teacher’s are dressed in an Islamic manner. When walking in and out of the classrooms the students are greeting us with salaam, you can see the benefits of Asiga already.

When the students came out for break, many students ran upto us to greet us, they were so happy to see us that it seemed as a celebrity had arrived at the school. I spent the day going through the sponsorship details while Molana Ebrahim discussed future plans for the school. After Asar me and brother Saleh went to the market to slaughter an animal as we wanted to feed the students at asiga tomorrow. The evening was spent in Masjid Abrar working on the sponsorship programme.

Since arriving in Ghana we have seen many bill boards calling to other faiths, I feel the students at Asiga are getting the correct knowledge at grass root level to equip them for the challenges they will face later on in life.

I honestly cant wait to go back to asiga tomorrow.

Sameer Ismail

Projects Coordinator