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Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip: Last Day In Ghana (Day 11)

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip“]Our chairman Molana Ebrahim Patel, our projects coordinator Molana Sameer Ismail and a volunteer are in Ghana. They will be overseeing all our projects in the country. They will also be carrying out a distribution of aid in northern Ghana.

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Last Day In Ghana (Day 11) – 15 March 2015


Today is our last day in Ghana and also our last distribution for this trip. After returning from Tamaleh it was decided that we will also do a distribution from our very own Aisha Sidiqqah school.
The widows and poor and needy were all informed to meet at the school for 8 am.

Alhamdolillah many widows and poor women were given the chance to start their own trade so they could earn their own livlihood. Amongst the widows that received aid was Fati Suli, the widow whose house we visited yesterday. Her story and poor condition occupied our thoughts throughout the night, and to see a smile on her face today morning filled our hearts with so much joy. The truth is that Fati Suli is just one widow from hundreds maybe thousands that are in the same condition.

After the distribution finished we went to the house of a local brother where we met his disabled son. His son was probably no more than 11 years old but from a very young age he has been unable to walk or communicate properly. Allah grant him a full recovery (Ameen).
We made our way back to Masjid Abrar where we had a few last meetings and discussions with brother Ibrahim and Faiz.

When leaving for the airport for our flight we were bidding fairwell to our base for the last 10 days from where we planned so many distributions.

Sitting on the plane gave me a chance to think of what has been achieved in the last 10 days and I can honestly say that the last 10 days has blown me away. We got to meet some amazing people and also got to see first hand the good work that Caravan of Mercy are doing. Throughout the trip every effort was made that the beneficiaries were the people that needed aid the most.

Leaving Ghana gives me the same feeling that I had when leaving Tamaleh, that although we have achieved alot we still have unfinished work to do. From the water crisis we witnessed in the north to the state of the widows we saw and heard about in Accra.


Sameer Ismail

Projects Coordinator