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Distribution to the Syrian Refugees: Arrival in Turkey (Day 1)

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Arrival in Turkey (Day 1) – 16 March 2015


Salaams all,

We started the day a little late as only arrived at 6.00hrs this morning and then went for breakfast so it was 11.30 by the time we got started.

As I was told the border to the Atmeh camp is closed indefinitely, decided that we should look for areas where no food distribution has been done or at least not much. My suggestion that we go to the little border settlements (right on the border) which we were told of on my last trip were quickly ruled out as we did our risk assessment. Abu Abdullah made a number of calls and came up with the little town called Kumlu 20 km from Reyhanli, not far from the border.

We went straight to see the Mayor/Councillor, had to wait for approx. 20 minutes to see him as he was busy with current election. We eventually met with him and he was very happy to receive us. We discussed our plans and he straight away got someone who knows how many refugees in this area and this man not only knows how many but where most also living so he told that man and the deputy of the police to accompany us to visit some off these families. On seeing these families we could see that nearly all of them were worse off than most families we saw last time. We have therefore decided that we will definitely do a distribution in Kumlu Tuesday or Wednesday Insha’Allah.

Mohammed Saeed Adam