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Liberia Report – Day 1

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Liberia Report Day 1 – 29 June 2015


We have arrived in Liberia at 4:30am. We closed our fast at the baggage collection area with a can of drink and a bottle of water. After having met our hosts at the airport, brother Sulayman and Shaykh Abdul Qadir, we made our way to our accommodation. Looking at the country it seemed like it’s very backwards and poor, which is not surprising having just come out of a 14 year civil war. Maulana Ebrahim, myself, brother Sulayman and shaykh Abdul Qadir sat down and made mashwarah regarding how will we be buy the food and where we will distribute it. Then we left to visit the wholesalers to buy the food items for the parcels. So we purchased the food and it turned out to be more expensive than we expected. In the meantime, the other volunteers, Molana Ilyas and Faizal Dhada sorted out all the clothing donated by the brothers and sisters in the UK. By the time we got back to our temporary home in Barnesville, Monrovia it was time for Iftar. We had frozen food packs from home but it was still frozen, so since time was very short we opened our fast with dates, water, a few packets of crisps and drinks. That was our food for the day. The area we are living in has no restaurants or takeaways, so we’re surviving off the food we had with us. The Mosquitos could smell us a mile away and they were in for a great time.