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Rohingya refugees in Bangaldesh

Caravan of Mercy in partnership with ISSA Foundation, Blackburn, UK. Distributed different items (Food Parcel, Sets of Pots for cooking, Tents, Blankets etc) in a number of Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. This event happened during October 2017.

We are now collecting necessary donations for our 2nd trip to the Rohingya refugees during early December 2017. DONATE NOW

Family Pack for distribution December 2017 (x 3,000 packs)
Plastic Sheet 8m x 8m, Plastic Mat, Chatai 5ft x 7 ft, Mosquito Net, Plastic Bucket, Plastic Plates, Plastic Water Cups, Plastic Water jug, Washing Powder, Washing Soap, Bathing Soap

Family Food Pack for distribution December 2017 (x 5,000 packs)
Rice, oil, Sugar, Daal (Lentils), Flattened Rice, Salt, Onions, Potatoes, Biscuits, Oral Saline, Milk Powder

Infant/ Baby Pack for distribution December 2017 (x 3,000 packs)
Lactogen Baby Milk, Cerelac Baby Feed, Baby Feeding Bottle, Baby Bowl & Spoon

Blankets (x 5,000 packs)  for distribution December 2017

Medicine (x 5,000 packs)  for distribution December 2017

Quran, Amma Para, Noorani Qaidah (x 30,000 packs)  for distribution December 2017

Leda camp 16th 17th 18th October 2017 (completed)
-750 blankets
-1,000 food parcels
-Sheets 4,000
-Medical camp medicine 1 week – 10 days (£3,500 worth)
-Pots and spoons 2,000

Barmapara camp: 15th October 2017 (completed)
3,000 food parcels
Cash tokens £1,000

Noyapara camp: October 2017 (completed)
2,000 food parcels

Photos below show the extent of our previous distributions to the refugees during October 2017

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