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Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip: Arrival in Ghana (Day 1)

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip“]Our chairman Molana Ebrahim Patel, our projects coordinator Molana Sameer Ismail and a volunteer are in Ghana. They will be overseeing all our projects in the country. They will also be carrying out a distribution of aid in northern Ghana.

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Arrival in Ghana (Day 1) – 05 March 2015


When walking out of the plane the first thing that hits you is the heat, Molana Ebrahim says this is Africa and in Africa “you will learn patience”.

We were welcomed at the airport by Brother Ibrahim and 2 of his neighbors. While walking to the car Molana Ebrahim told me that the 2 neighbors were new Muslims but their father is still not on Imaan, to my astonishment Br Ibrahim said “Alhamdolillah their father has also now accepted Islam”. The good work that Brother Ibrahim is doing is already visible. While driving to Masjid Abrar which is about 30 min drive away I saw many billboards and schools propagating the Christian faith, I was advised that the Christians are much more active than the Muslims even though the Muslims out number the Christians.

We got to Masjid Abrar, settled ourselves in, ate some food and took some rest as we have a very long day tomorrow.

This is my first field trip with Caravan of Mercy, and first time traveling with Molana Ebrahim and one thing that has been visible from the moment that we left home is his passion for Dawat and for the work Caravan of Mercy is doing. I don’t think there was a single person who he spoke to and he didn’t mention Caravan of Mercy or Islam. While in Ghana every person he spoke to at the airport or on the way to Masjid Abrar I noticed he gave them some sought of dawat, even if it was just a few words.

Tomorrow in Ghana is independence day so many places will be shut, but either way we will have a lot of work to do.

I will try to send these reports as often as possible, depending on electricity and internet connection.

Sameer Ismail

Projects Coordinator