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Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip: Preparation and planning (Day 2)

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Ghana Project & Aid Distribution Trip“]Our chairman Molana Ebrahim Patel, our projects coordinator Molana Sameer Ismail and a volunteer are in Ghana. They will be overseeing all our projects in the country. They will also be carrying out a distribution of aid in northern Ghana.

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Preparation and planning (Day 2) – 06 March 2015


Today the day started by me waking up to the Adhan for salaatul Fajr. After Fajr we had a brief consultation where it was decided we will get a bit more rest as we had a lot to do during the day. We gathered for consultation again at 9am. Brother Ibrahim told us about Tamale and the SSP project. We quickly Realised that the task ahead was great and it would require us to be very organised.

One point that brother Ibrahim mentioned that really touched me was when he went to Tamale to do the ground work for the SSP he met a lady that wanted to brew alcohol.  Brother Ibrahim advised her that this is forbidden in Islam, and she replied “I didn’t know alcohol is haraam”. A lot of work really needs to be done in Ghana.

Brother Faiz joined us in the consultation at 10.30 am. At 11 am me and Faiz went into the office so we could discuss Asiga in more detail while Molana Ebrahim, Saleh Bhai and brother Ibrahim started making a log for the SSP distribution and what would need to be purchased.

While I was with Faiz I realised that he is a very educated man and has a passion for teaching.  Some of the things that we discussed were
1) Sponsored students and their full profile so I can create a report for the donors
2) Fee paying students and details of fees
3) Communication problem as we hardly have any contact with Faiz
4) Challenges he is facing at Asiga (road is bad, water issue, Internet issue)
5) Things I need from him to make the sponsorship of students work

Molana Ebrahim advised Faiz that what ever issues you are facing to give in writing so we can address them.

Jummah time Molana Ebrahim instructed me to give the talk, Khutbah and lead the Salaah.  After Salaah Molana Ebrahim gave a 20 minutes talk that everyone sat for and the response seemed good ( I have Molana Ebrahim bayaan recorded I will upload when I return)

After jummah we met brother Jirji, the Imaam and also bother Abdulahi (the contractor).

We held a quick consultation and we decided to depart for Tamale in the morning via air as it is more safer and quicker. Me and brother Ibrahim went to the airport to book our tickets, on the way we discussed many things like Asiga, the SSP in Tamale etc. On the way back to Masjid Abrar we stopped at an area when they sell goats. The price of a goat is 250 cedi (£50). Brother Ibrahim advised 1 goat can feed 10 widow families. (Possible new marketing way for our animal Sadaqah project ” feed a widow”) approx 2 goats can feed the students in Asiga.

We got back to Masjid Abrar where we ate and continued work preparing for the SSP. While going through the SSP applications Molana Ebrahim came across a man who was over 100 years old but due to his poverty wanted financial aid. Another thing we noticed while going through the SSP applications was that in some areas like Cheriponi their is a very large number of widows.

We have to leave for the airport at 4am so we need to get as much sleep as possible before the start of another day.

Sameer Ismail

Projects Coordinator