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Distribution to the Syrian Refugees: Refugees Are In Desperate Need For Aid (Day 2)

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Refugees Are In Desperate Need For Aid (Day 2) – 17 March 2015


Salaams all,

We had breakfast at Abu Hamid’s today at 8.30 hrs and then we made a quick consultation and we decided we will do 2 things today:
1) go and see head of border security to see if we can cross over to Atmeh Camp
2) visit 2 villages called Billani and Hassa that Hiba identified as in desperate need for food aid.

Abu Abdullah quickly made the calls and managed to get an appointment to see head of border security for 10.00hrs. We met with him for just over an hour. He informed us that all borders into Syria are closed and even if he could arrange for us to go to Atmeh the security risk is too high and the atmosphere in the camp is very tense. Therefore any hope of crossing to Atmeh have now been cancelled and instead concentrate on aid distribution in Turkey. There is a new influx of refugees coming into Turkey from Syria. Since I arrived on Sunday I have been hearing of reports and have seen pictures of what looks like chemical weapons being used on the civilian population by the Syrian army and I suspect the fear of further chemical attack is driving this new wave of refugees.
We arrived in Billani a village situated approx. 1km from Baabul Hawwa border crossing and 8 kms from Reyhanli. We quickly saw that the refugees are in desperate need for aid. To my absolute surprise there was a refugee school being run in 4 prefabricated building each about 8ft x10ft which were provided by AFAD who I am told have something to do with the UN. The school has about 150 children from the age of 5 to 10/11 years of age. The 4 teachers who are also Syrian refugees teach for free.

Mohammed Saeed Adam