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Distribution to the Syrian Refugees: Sweets For The School Children (Day 3)

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Sweets For The School Children (Day 3) – 18 March 2015


Salaams all,

Today we had breakfast again at Abu Hamid’s at 9.00hrs. Our program for today felt like it was going to be very easy because we only had 70 parcels to distribute in Billani. On our way there we bought some sweets for the school children. When we arrived in Billani village there was already a crowd waiting for us and crowded the van even before we could get out, after about 20 mins of trying to convince them to go and wait in their home or what resembles a home we sent the van with the food parcels away and said to them that if they didn’t return to their homes we are just going to give the school children the sweets and leave without doing any distribution as we started giving the sweets to the children in the classrooms the crowd dispersed so we eventually got the distribution on the way. The first 10-11 houses went well and then the crowd started following us because we missed some houses (we were only distributing to the homes of those the village chief told us were the most needy)

Mohammed Saeed Adam