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Liberia Report Day 3 – 1 July 2015

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Liberia Report Day 3 – 1 July 2015


Couldn’t sleep, as the Mosquitos were having a field day. It rained heavily all night and morning and we wanted to leave early to prepare for a distribution in Tenne, Bo waterside and Lombacor, but due to the roads it was difficult. The area is in Tawor, grand cape mount province, the people of all these 3 areas will be coming to the area off bo waterside and we will distribute to the people there. We went to an Internet cafe to try to do the e visa but the connection was too poor. We made our way to the wholesalers to help load up the truck which was making its way to grand Cape Mount County. We arrived in Bo waterside at approximately 5pm, but the truck was running late. We sat down with the locals and made mashwarah that we should do the distribution after fajr as we had to make the parcels during the night, after taraweeh salah. The truck arrived just before Iftar and after offloading the truck, it was approximately Eisha time. We prayed Eisha and taraweeh salah and then started to pack the parcels and we finished at about 3:00am.