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Liberia Report Day 4 – 2 July 2015

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Liberia Report Day 4 – 2 July 2015


We slept for an hour and got up for suhoor, prayed fajr and began distributing. We had over 400 Iftar food parcels to distribute in this area. People from Tenne and Bo waterside all arrived after Fajr to collect their food parcels. The list of those receiving parcels was made by the locals and our volunteers, to ensure that the most needy received the food parcels. The parcels had similar contents to the ones distributed in Barnesville. In this area we distributed over 600 food parcels and again it was the first time any UK charity has done a distribution of this kind in this area. The people were very happy to see us and were looking forward to their food parcels. We had people from two areas Tenne and Bo waterside to come to one distribution point. The atmosphere was electric.
Besides distrusting Iftar food parcels, we gathered all the children together and gave out a pack of biscuit to each child. As soon they saw us with the biscuits they all cheered loudly in joy, which was extremely pleasing. We finished distributing all the parcels at about 3pm.