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Liberia Report Day 5 – 3 July 2015

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Liberia Report Day 5 – 3 July 2015


We went to see the Hifz class of IDRA, which is the charity caravan of mercy is working with in Liberia. They have 10 students there at the moment, with caravan looking into helping them increase to approximately 30 students. Meanwhile Molana Ebrahim went to book our tickets for Accra (Ghana) while myself and the two other volunteers were at the Hifz school trying to work out the costings and see how caravan can assist them. Thereafter, we proceeded to the masjid which is being run by IDRA, they are looking to expand the masjid on this large piece of land which has been donated to them. Moreover, they wish to build and Islamic school and a madrasah. Once again they have asked caravan of mercy to help them achieve these two very important projects. Thus is because at present, many Muslims in this area are converting to Christianity, due to the heavy presence of Christian missionaries. Furthermore, almost every 50 yards there is a church, thus it is of utmost importance that we all donate towards this noble cause, which will save the imaan of the Muslims in Liberia. We humbly request the donors in the UK and all over the world to be supportive once again and help us in these projects.