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Molana Ebrahim in Gambia November/ December

The Chairman of Caravan Of Mercy travelled through Gambia for two weeks in Novemver/ December 2012. He started at our Gambia Head-Quarters in Brikama. From there he travelled by road to over-see the Caravan Of Mercy Madressah school in a village in Medina Manneh. From there he  visited another Caravan Of Mercy Madressah school in Kuntaur.

His route was 160m miles. Click here to see route on map.

Madina Manneh primary school and madressa teaches 300 apprx  boys and girls. Building was completed in 2008.

The van was donated in 2009 from the UK and sent to Gambia filled with computers. Alhamdulillah it is still being used in the Gambia today.