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Bangladesh – West Bengal SSP January/ February 2013.

Inshallah, Molana Ebrahim, another brother from Sajid Chaus of Leicester and 2 more volunteers from London, Asif Sheikh (Standford Hill) & Yusuf Mangera (Clapton)  are due to travel to Bangladesh and India this month (25th January 2013) for 9 days.

The main objective of this trip is to commence the SSPs (Self Sustaining progects) in and around our bases which are Sunamganj, Sirajganj and Kurigram (Bangladesh). And in and around our base, Lalpur, Mathurapur, in West Bengal, India. The four man party is due to land in Dhaka on the 24th January 2013. From there they should travel north to Sunamganj via Sylet.

26th-27th January: SSPs. Sunamganj (Bangladesh)
28th January:  Dhaka (Bangladesh)
29th-30th January: SSPs. Kurigram (Bangladesh)
30th-1st Jan/ Feb: Sirajganj (Bangladesh)
2nd-4th February: SSPs. North 24 Parganas District, near Kolkata, West Bengal (India)
4th February: Delhi (India)

The last destination of the tour will be Delhi to organise the shipment of Qurans and other literature for Caravan Of Mercy to be sent to West Africa.

Sunamganj, Bangladesh, is close to the Indian border (Meghalaya state). The villages are very poor, backward and remote with abject poverty. This will be the fouth year that Caravan Of Mercy has been conducting SSPs (Self Supporting Projects) in this area.

Past intiates include;
The intallation of water pumps,
The buiding, maintenance of the Hazrat Abu Bakr Orphanage (which at present homes 175 ophans and has 5 Maktabs (schools))
Ramadhan food distribution.
Winter blankets distribution.

Any-one wishing to donate to any of these projects can do so now can do so now on-line HERE or by visiting our office in Leicester or by making a card payment by phoning 01162763344

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Ghana Appeal

Quran Project for Ghana:

We have printed 20,000 Qurans for Ghana. ‘Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Quran’ contain both Arabic as well as English text. The translation is by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. It features explainations from Sahih Al Bukhari. The front and back covers are being printed now in India and almost ready for dispatch.

Each book cost £3.00 (cost covers transport, printing and distribution). Inshallah this consignment will be delivered to Tema, Accra (location of our Ghana office) in February 2013 and from there the Qurans will be delivered to different locations throughout Ghana.

The cost of this project have been met but we still need funds for future Quran distribution.

As part of this consignment, we plan to include Islamic Dawah literature as well as French tranlated Qurans for neighbouring countries. After visiting Ghana recently, Maulana Ebrahim saw first hand how much the locals are crying out for knowledge. Please donate English books and literature for dawah. Please donate lillah by phoning CoM on 0116 276 3344 or use this website to make a donation using your bank/ credit card.

We need donations now for the added literature.


Images feature the building plans for the ‘Aisha Siddiqqa (RA) Islamic Girls Academy’ for Ghanaian orphan girls. Please donate to this project.