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#blanketforsyria Video

Just 9 Days Left to Donate towards the #blanketforsyria Appeal!

Lets help our brothers, sisters and children prepare for this winter 2014 by donating a blanket for ONLY:
£8 a blanket in Syria
£5 a blanket in West Bengal & Bangladesh

Donate now >>
or call 0116 276344


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Self Sustaining Project in Bangladesh 2014

Self Sustaining Project in Bangladesh 2014

Pictures from the Self Sustaining project in the Sunamganj district of Bangladesh.
With your generous donations 175 poor any needy individuals including widows were provided either rickshaws, Milking cows, Sewing machines or Rowing boats.
30 weddings were also arranged for.

To donate call 0116 2763344 or CLICK HERE to donate!

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Thanks to your donations we are able to find poor girls who are looking for a husband. Their family find them a similar man and we give them clothing for the Nikah (wedding) as well as essentials to help start a home such as pots and pans, bedding, a bucket, suitcase, footwear etc.

The young couple are also given tools to help them earn a living. The young men are given either a cycle rickshaw to be used as a taxi or cycle rickshaw designed to carry goods. Or they could be given a boat to start them earning a livelihood. The girls may be given a sewing machine with training on the basics of tailoring. Without the training, they may give up and sell the sewing machine.