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Thanks to your donations we are able to find poor girls who are looking for a husband. Their family find them a similar man and we give them clothing for the Nikah (wedding) as well as essentials to help start a home such as pots and pans, bedding, a bucket, suitcase, footwear etc.

The young couple are also given tools to help them earn a living. The young men are given either a cycle rickshaw to be used as a taxi or cycle rickshaw designed to carry goods. Or they could be given a boat to start them earning a livelihood. The girls may be given a sewing machine with training on the basics of tailoring. Without the training, they may give up and sell the sewing machine.

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Molana Ebrahim returns from Gambia

The Chairman of Caravan Of Mercy spent two weeks travelling through Gambia. He started at our Gambia Head-Quarters in Brikama. From there he went by road to over-see the Caravan Of Mercy Madressah school in a village in Medina Manneh. From there hed visited another Caravan Of Mercy Madressah school in Kuntaur. Alhamdulillah, the madressah there (established through your donations) has now this week just started 56 boys on Hifz ul Quran. 26 of these boys are orphans.

Maulana returned back to Leicester on Tuesday 11th December. InshaAllah a report of his visit will come soon.

His route was 160 miles. Click here to see route on map.

Madina Manneh primary school and madressa teaches 300 apprx  boys and girls. Building was completed in 2008.

The van was donated in 2009 from the UK and sent to Gambia filled with computers. Alhamdulillah it is still being used in the Gambia today.