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Text donations

It is now even easier to donate to your favourite cause. We have set up a mobile phone texting method of giving donations using JustTextGiving by Vodafone.
All you do is save this special texting phone number (70070) into your phones contacts list or just type it into the text messaging (SMS) option on your mobile phone. Then type the 6 figure message code along with the donation amount and ‘send’ this message to 70070. Your donation will appear on your next phone bill and Caravan of Mercy will be paid on your behalf.
We have a different 6 figure message code for each appeal. All text donations are Lillah only. If you wish to use Zakaat or Sadaqah etc. you should use other payment methods (ie. online, phone or in person)

Text donations for the Qur’an project can be made by texting the message QRAN01 £3 to the number 70070 if you want to donate £3 using your mobile phone (lillah only). Change the amount from £3 according to your desire.
For the Syria blanket appeal, text BLAN22 £10 to 70070 (Lillah only)
For the Syria food hamper appeal, text HAMP22 £30 to 70070 (Lillah only)
For the Dawah Pack appeal, text COME11 £5 to 70070 (Lillah only)
For the Syria appeal, text COME00 £20 to 70070 (Lillah only)
To donate to any needy cause, text CRVN01 £20 to 70070 (Lillah only)
For any project according to the need decided by CoM, text LILL44 £5 to 70070 (Lillah only)

The amount of £’s you wish to donate is up to you. The above figures are just an example.
Text to donate to Caravan of Mercy and make a difference today.